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We are pleased to present you with an overview of our PAD printing equipment, a direct method of transferring an ink image onto 2 and 3 dimensional components.

TampoGraphic is the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor of TOSH Logica series pad printing machines and has been established since 1986.

TampoGraphic's team has been dedicated in the process of marking and decorating plastic moulded products and other related industrial components for over 20 years. Our knowledge and expertise has enabled us to supply and service clients from the smallest of enterprises to blue chip industrial companies, covering a wide range of applications.

TampoGraphic also combines a facility for the production and supply of Design, along with consumable products INKS, PLATES, PADS, BLADES, JIGS etc. In full support of the highly acclaimed Logica pad printing series.

Our vast experience over the years allows us to provide turnkey projects from concept to completion with technically qualified products drawn from suppliers along with advice to benefit clients on their applications.


Over the last 25 years TOSH has become a leader in the field of component printing.

The LOGICA series, fully mechanically engineered and numerically controlled was conceived not as lone units, but as modular building blocks for a total, seamless solution, each system can be individually tailored coupled with the range of accessories to meet the customer's exact need.

'New Range' The latest generation "FLEXIBLE" - "HIGHSPEED" - "SPECIALISED" pad printing machines are 'ALL ELECTRIC, FULLY MECHANICAL stepper motor driven, cost and energy efficient that allows users to complete at all levels even to the most demanding.

Situated in the heart of England, we are within good access to major trunk roads leading to all parts of the country and Europe by all forms of transport.

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