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Pad Printing Machines
In relation to the developing procedure and the size of the plate, TOSH has put different kit into single equipment, to make your choice easier.
The INOX 100 N has been specifically manufactured for the automatic cleaning of all components which are continually in contact with inks, thus considerably reducing the time spent on cleaning a pad printing machine. Cleaning area capacity: 350 x 750 x 65 (h) mm.
Manufactured throughout in inox steel AISI 304.
Levels of evaporation are lower, thus reducing solvent consumption.
Eliminates the inconvenience of solvent dispensing, since cleaning and eventual distillation occur automatically within the closed cycle.
Sprayer nozzles are made from inox steel.
Pneumatic pump with double membrane for solvent, self priming, guaranteeing a long maintenance-free life.
Large surface area filter avoids blocking of the sprayer nozzles.
Special devices sucks the solvent vapours which escape into the atmosphere, when the lid is opened.
Ultrasonic Wash-o-Matic is the most effective answer for parts cleaning that is in compliance with current safety standards. It is a practical solution for cleaning all of the pad printers parts which are in contact with inks and need to be cleaned between production changeovers.
Clean your hermetic cups, plates, blading rings, doctor blades, brushes etc., with maximum efficiency and ease of handling. This system has an extremely low watt/liter cost, and is extremely safe to operate.
Constructed entirely of 304 stainless steel.
Incorporated generator (type switch-model), lead zirconate-titanate transducers.
Electric safety insulation in high-frequency.
Even distribution of ultrasonic cleaning power.
Incorporated timer and thermostat.
100% adjustable.
Removable stainless steel tubs for easy cleaning and maintenance.
Requires minimal cleaning solution.
Drain cock for handy detergent replacement.
Internal insulation provides thorough soundproofing.
A comprehensive range of essential products for the day-to-day use in the printroom.
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