TOSH Pad Printer Supplies TampoGraphic
Pad Printing Machines
All mechanical movements are controlled numerically and stepper motor driven. Fully programmable, changeover times reduced to a few minutes.
Pictured to the right is a TOSH Pad Printing Platform Pro M with Logica Macro Reverse 6 colours, dia. 160 mm, for front/rear printing on bottles.
Fully automated, handling, feeding, treatment, welding etc.- ALL AVAILABLE
Exists in several models.
Automatic Cap Printing from 1,200 to 120,000 parts per hour.
2,000 to 2,500 cycles per hour.
Fully automated plant designed for pad printing onto top surface of soft drink bottle caps. Modern technology has been extremely concentrated onto these compact, manoeuvrable machines which combine low cost cliches at high production rates.
Kit for installation on production line.
Floor stand with adjustable height table.
Cross tables.
Rotary tables.
Oval flat conveyors.
Rectilinear tracked conveyors.
Pads pre-drying devices.
Automatic pad cleaning devices.
Pre - and post - superficial treatment devices.
Pictured to the right is a Logica Macro 5 colours with oval flat conveyor mod. Speedway for printing on paper cubes.
Up to 16 colours.
Cup dia up to 195mm.
Multiple print options for printing large and/or complex products requiring extensive printing on all surfaces.
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